Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Cascade Receivables Management?2021-05-25T20:55:54-07:00

Cascade Receivables Management (“CRM”) is an account receivables management company that acts as a third-party collection agency and master servicer.

How did Cascade Receivables Management get my account?2021-05-25T20:56:09-07:00

CRM manages accounts on behalf of its clients: healthcare providers, consumer lenders and debt buyers. If your account went unpaid, it might eventually go to collections or get sold to a debt buyer. Debt buyers like Cascade Capital and Cascade Capital Funding purchase accounts from original creditors, including, for example, healthcare providers, banks and credit unions. The debt doesn’t go away, it’s just owed to a new owner.

What forms of payment will Cascade Receivables Management accept?2021-06-04T11:33:00-07:00

CRM accepts payments through the following means: credit card, debit card, check by phone (requires your checking account and routing numbers ), and mail in payments (check or money order). To pay online, please visit our payment portal at https://cascadehelps.com/payments/. If you would like to pay via phone, please contact us at (888) 346-4656. If your account has been placed with one of CRM’s third-party servicers, its best to pay them directly.

I want to learn more about my rights as a consumer in the context of debt collections.2021-06-04T11:33:59-07:00

Please visit our consumer resources page at https://cascadehelps.com/consumers. It offers a plethora of resources to help consumers navigate the collections process and to ensure that they’re working with reputable companies.

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